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VIDEO 5 Most Disrespectful Moments During WWE's Attitude Era


The Attitude Era of WWE was a time of rebellion and revolution, a time where the boundaries of respectability were pushed and sometimes completely shattered. It was an era where provocative storylines, edgy characters, and jaw-dropping moments were the norm. However, amidst all the chaos and controversy, there were some moments that stood out as particularly disrespectful. 

It was also an era of many disrespectful moments. With factions like D-Generation X and stars like Steve Austin and The Rock, the era saw some of the biggest "putdowns" in the history of wrestling. This list will examine the 10 most disrespectful moments of the WWE's Attitude Era. 

5-Everything Stone Cold Did To Vince McMahon

Steve Austin Vince McMahon Gun

During the Attitude Era, Steve Austin's rebellious persona and in-ring antics often put him at odds with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Austin's brazen behavior was characterized by a series of disrespectful actions, including giving McMahon the middle finger, attacking him with a bedpan, and even pouring cement into his Corvette.

These displays of defiance were indicative of Austin's unpredictable nature, which made him a beloved and controversial figure in the wrestling world. While some fans viewed Austin's actions as heroic, others saw them as a sign of disrespect towards authority. Regardless, his actions certainly added a burst of excitement to the WWE product, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

4-DX's Nation Segments

DX As The Nation

D-Generation X's Nation of Domination segment was highly disrespectful on many levels. Imitation is not always the best form of flattery and this segment proves that as fact. The promo, which aired in 1998, featured DX mocking the Nation in Blackface.

Although there are few things more upsetting than mocking in Blackface, the whole segment saw DX belittle the Nation as a faction. Owen Hart was made to look especially bad.


Gillberg Cropped

In the midst of the fierce Monday Night Wars, WWE and WCW spared no expense to ridicule each other's star attractions. WWE created Gillberg, a pint-sized version of WCW's hottest act Bill Goldberg. Gillberg, played by Jobber Duane Gill, was the opposite of Goldberg in every way, losing all the time and coming out with sparklers. While the gimmick was initially amusing, it was overused to the point where fans wanted to see the real Goldberg instead. It was also very disrespectful to WCW and Goldberg, which was the purpose.

2-The Godfather's Ho Train

The Godfather with his ladies

The Godfather, known for his colorful waistcoats and feathered hat, gained popularity in the Attitude Era for his entourage of beautiful women, affectionately called "hoes." One of his signature moves, the "Ho Train," was named after them. The Godfather revealed in an interview that it was Vince McMahon who came up with the idea to make the move more memorable.

The Ho Train led The Godfather to success as a WWE Intercontinental Champion and induction into the Hall of Fame. It was also extremely offensive to the women in his corner.

1-Cornette Mocks Michaels

Jim Cornette hates Shawn Michaels

In 1997, during a Christmas episode of Raw in Lowell, MA, D-Generation X donned bathrobes and flaunted their scantily clad bodies. Meanwhile, on commentary, Jim Cornette slyly quipped that Shawn Michaels cries every time he comes to town, referencing the wrestler's infamous "lost his smile" episode in the city from earlier that year.

The disrespect happened during a segment where Sgt. Slaughter made Triple H and Shawn Michaels wrestle for the European Championship, with Michaels feigning tears. It was a big low blow to Michaels who probably didn't even hear the sly line.