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VIDEO Oilers super-fan Cecily just got a huge donation from the LA Kings

The LA Kings organization is doing everything in its power to make up for an unfortunate incident involving Edmonton Oilers super-fan Cecily Eklund.

On Wednesday afternoon, Cecily was quick to acknowledge an outstanding act from the Kings organization.

“Thank you, LA Kings, for your incredible donation to my Ben Stelter fundraiser today,” Cecily wrote. “You are bringing magic to the lives of kids facing childhood cancer.”

Cecily experienced an unfortunate incident while attending Game 3 of the Oilers first-round series versus the Kings at the Arena, as she was both spit on and sworn at by a Kings fan for wearing Oilers attire.

Clearly, the Kings were not happy with the treatment she received, and are looking to make up for what occurred. As pointed out by Cecily, they donated $9,265.90 to the Ben Stelter Fund.

The Kings responded to Cecily’s Twitter message by saying “Bigger than hockey.”

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Shortly after Cecily’s poor treatment that took place during Game 3, Evander Kane took to social media to blast the Kings fan who behaved in such a manner.

“This type of behaviour is gross and completely unacceptable,” Kane wrote in a shared story on his Instagram account. “For any young girl, especially someone battling cancer, to be treated in such a manner is pathetic. Grow up and as this smart young lady always says, BE KIND!”

Being kind is something Cecily has often stated as to what she believes is most important in life.

“You don’t have to be rich, you don’t have to be super smart, you just have to be kind,” a smiling Cecily told Sportsnet’s Gene Principe during an interview in late February.

Though what happened to start all of this off was certainly unfortunate, Cecily is helping prove that there is still plenty of good in today’s world. With this most recent donation, she has now helped raise over $74,000 for the Ben Stelter Fund.